Energy Efficiency Implementation

An important part of our work on creating energy efficiency projects ready for implementation is replication of success stories around the world. The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency does this by creating partnerships and disseminating best practices and lessons learnt from its research, knowledge and tools development and project implementation.

The Centre actively works towards building a movement of bold action towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, attracting more cities, countries and organisations that could replicate successful energy efficiency solutions.

This is done as the third step in the centre’s work on the entire lifecycle of project implementation, creating partnerships and projects ready for implementation and replication.

Based on knowledge created, ongoing projects and solutions tested in real life, the centre works actively to  disseminate and circulate success stories to engage other cities, countries or organisations that could be potential partners in replicating successful activities.

The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency organises events convening leading cities and organisations, and this is done through seminars, webinars, energy efficiency briefs, conferences, meetings and outreach through social media, websites and traditional news outlets.

The following projects are currently in this step:

  • Energy efficient public lightning
  • Energy efficient water sector
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Development of local EE implementation skills
  • District Energy in Cities Initiative

The implementation of energy efficient (EE) projects at local level is one of the strongholds for the achievement of SDG 7. Energy inefficiencies hinder the development due to the mismanagement of the available resources. Municipalities and utilities with a local presence play a key role in project implementation and development. Energy efficiency actions in existing and planned infrastructure systems allows to control costs, improve service and expand it without necessarily adding to the cost of the service.

The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency can provide municipalities with a set of tools to create projects and bring them into implementation in the following areas.

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