Main Objectives and targeted audience To foster political support to integrate behavioural insights in energy efficiency policy making and programme designing; To facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas, field experiences, and scientific studies among researchers, practitioners, and government officials regarding the application of behavioural insights for accelerating and upscaling energy efficiency improvement; To disseminate good practices and latest knowledge on […]

When: 21 October, 2020 - 23 October, 2020
Where: UN City, Denmark

We hereby invite you to a side event exploring ESCOs effectiveness in unleashing investments for energy efficiency, and their role in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement by realizing national and sub‐national governments’ energy efficiency potential. The event is co‐organised by: The Global ESCO Network The Spanish National Research Centre on Energy Environment and Technology, CIEMAT Chile’s National ESCO […]

When: 9 December, 2019 - 9 December, 2019

The ambitious strategy of turning EU countries into low carbon economies assumes reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below the level from 1990. This target can’t be achieved without significant changes in building energy use and installed HVAC equipment. Currently 75% of buildings in EU are energy inefficient and the actual rate of renovation is not sufficient to achieve ambitious […]

When: 4 December, 2019

Under the auspices of the Union for the Mediterranean, this event will gather the national experts who are members of the UfM REEE Platform Working Group on energy efficiency (EE) in Appliances established in January 2019 (at the annual meeting of the UfM Energy platforms), and of the meetMED taskforce on EE in Appliances. The sessions will have a specific […]

When: 4 December, 2019 - 5 December, 2019
Where: Union for the Mediterranean Headquarters, Spain

Datacenters have an important role to play in digital transformation. Today’s datacenters have the potential to become a dynamic change agent within smart urban systems. The growth of inefficient datacentre brings irreversible economic and environmental ramifications to the society. Currently, the world’s datacentres consumed 3% of global electricity with a growth project to 20% by 2025. These power hungry datacentres […]

When: 30 October, 2019 - 31 October, 2019
Where: DTU, Building 101B, Denmark

Energy efficiency remains the cheapest, easiest step to help reach Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) on clean and affordable energy for all while simultaneously decarbonizing the global economy, cleaning the air we breathe, and expanding energy access. However, on the eve of the final decade to achieve the SDGs, we are still missing the mark on investment needed for energy […]

When: 11 September, 2019 - 11 September, 2019
Where: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, United Arab Emirates

Local governments around the world have started to take initiatives to lead the necessary processes to create resilient communities in the face of climate change. They have formed, for example, coalitions to boost and accelerate climate action through the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and help nations to set new and more ambitious climate goals for the coming […]

When: 8 September, 2019 - 14 September, 2019
Where: Museo Wladimir Mikielievich, Argentina

District heating and district cooling, also known as district energy systems, is a crucial technical solution for clean and liveable cities. The UN Environment, together with many other partners, is providing technical support to a dozen countries in their efforts for district energy development. How to measure and report the energy, climate change mitigation, and other social and economic benefits […]

When: 6 September, 2019

Gabriela Prata Dias will be speaking for the “Session 1- Setting the Scene: Regional Framework“. This session aims to provide a general framework on the state of play of local authorities actions regarding energy efficiency, climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as renewable energies, with a special focus on shared regional challenges and opportunities.

When: 18 July, 2019

Demand for space cooling is set to rise to 30% of buildings’ electricity demand by 2050 with nearly 70% of the increase coming from the residential sector (IEA, The Future of Cooling, 2018). In both developed and developing countries, such cooling demand will bring numerous benefits to the economy and our health, but will have profound impacts on the environment […]

When: 29 May, 2019 - 29 May, 2019