Research and Knowledge Sharing

Existing centres of excellence within the ESCO sector have not been sufficiently brought to the general knowledge of the industry. Business models and financing schemes, principles and opportunities have evolved separately with little cross-fertilization in the sector, which is particularly true at the global level. Even more importantly for the spread of ESCOs is the creation of a common information base and the sharing of experience regarding supportive legislative environments and policy frameworks that foster growth in ESCO businesses.

There are numerous existing bodies of work related to the preconditions and criteria for successful ESCO business development. These will be consolidated and made easily available through the establishment of a common IT-platform, legitimised by the Global ESCO Network, hosted in an existing IT infrastructure at C2E2. Consolidation of existing tools and resources can help project proponents (and governments) to structure successful projects and frameworks. Early products and pieces of empirical research, drawing on the existing body of knowledge and pieces of work already completed/underway, should include:

  • An authoritative global ESCO sector status update/overview,
  • An on-line overview of market success factors and supportive national policy environments structured for continuous updates;
  • Based on the above, a publication on market success factors and national policy considerations for creating supportive environments for allowing ESCOs to flourish;
  • A consolidation of approaches and development of modules for training on key aspects of ESCO deployment.

The Global ESCO Network shall actively support the exchange of good business, financing and policy practices internationally through an actively maintained knowledge sharing portal as well as through frequent on- and off-line workshops with industry practitioners.