Securing Resources and Funding

While the Global ESCO Network through its anchoring would be enabled to work at the international policy level for the recognition of the importance of ESCOs for achieving goals set through the Paris Agreement, it can equally work in practice for improving the financial conditions for ESCO businesses by consolidating ESCO business cases and documenting financial achievements of energy performance contracting. Case studies will not only help fertilizing the financial platforms upon which ESCOs may develop, but it will also help inspiring new business areas and avenues among associated ESCOs and organizations through general as well as targeted outreach.

A potential role for the Global ESCO Network is to provide a sense of critical mass for the ESCO sector in order to help securing financial resources for regional and national efforts, with or without the direct involvement of Global ESCO Network. Specific emphasis in this regard is devoted to the promotion and/or development of internationally consistent training materials related to core concepts for ESCO development, such as best practice contracting, financing models, and M&V. Such programs can be rolled out regionally and nationally according to donor and investor interests to reinforce the efforts and resources of regional and national ESCO Associations, but with greatly enhanced value through the global coordination efforts provided by the Global ESCO Network.