Call for Consultancy in building energy efficiency sector in Argentina

Copenhagen Centre for Energy Efficiency (C2E2) is implementing a new project on strengthening local vocational skills in the area of energy efficiency. The overall global project, which runs until the end of 2021, aims to create or strengthen local vocational skills in the area of energy efficiency. The project is being executed in multiple countries, and C2E2 is seeking for their work in Argentina to contract a local Consultant, based in Argentina for nine months.

The project will:

1) Report on existing skillsets of professionals working in the sector of energy efficiency and identify skill gaps

2) Assess the content of courses (secondary technical, tertiary technical and university (Engineering and Architecture) in each province and identify gaps

3) Make recommendations for policymaking on how to update educational profiles according to local needs and international state-of-the-art practices on this matter.

The project thus aims to make a contextual assessment of skills and knowledge gaps among professionals working in the energy efficiency (buildings) sector and in the educational programs that train these professionals.

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To help in achieving the above objectives a study will be carried in steps mentioned below and the results will be disseminated through a workshop. As part of the study, the consultant will

  1. Do a general overview of the education programs relevant for building energy sector, identify the profiles of professionals who work in the sector.
  2. Review the energy efficiency projects that are being executed or are in the pipeline in Argentina in consultation with C2E2 partnership staff and Under Secretariat of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SSERyEE) staff prepare an overview of skills that would be required to design, execute and monitor these projects
  3. In consultation with C2E2 and SSERyEE staff identify the education institutes to be surveyed and in-service professionals to be surveyed/interviewed and conduct the survey of education institute and in-service professionals. The questionnaire will be first prepared in English language and subsequently translated into the Spanish language. All the surveys will be conducted in the Spanish language
  4. Assess whether the educational profiles of each course (secondary technical, tertiary technical and university level –engineering and architecture-) is suitable to the needs -at province level- in terms of local energy resources and level of investment/activity in the building energy sector. This assessment will include
    1. Assessment of the skills needed at the province level
    2. Identification of course that teaches energy efficiency in the building sector
  • Descriptive analysis of the existing abilities possessed by the in-service professionals
  1. The consultant will undertake four field trips to the four regions in Argentina that is South, Centre, North East and North West for consultations.
  2. Help in the organisation of a final consultation workshop.

Qualifications and Skills

The appointed consultants should have:

  • Postgraduate degree (desirable)
  • Working knowledge and experience in the educational system of Argentina.
  • Experience in conducting surveys.
  • Experience of working with data
  • Ability and experience to interview government agencies and private sector
  • Proficient analytical and writing skills and excellent English and Spanish communication skills

Working Arrangement

The consultants or consultancy will be retained on a contract with C2E” based on deliverable output. They would be required to be available for the timely delivery of milestones throughout the project.

The consultant will work under the supervision of the SSERyEE and will agree on face-to-face workdays at its offices (Av. Paseo Colón 189, 4th floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina) as per the progress of work.


All outputs should be prepared and submitted in the English language to C2E2 along with a translated copy in the Spanish language.

Time for completion

Nine months

Application Procedure

To express your interest, send your CV, cover letter and addresses for 3 references, to the C2E2 Project Manager, Talat Munshi at by 31st August 2019.

The cover letter should include a detailed description (draft work plan) of how the consultant envisions to address the tasks outlined in the ToR and lumpsum estimate for travel costs to the four regions in Argentina for consultations.

Applications received after midnight (Argentina time) on 31st August 2019 will not be considered.

Application deadline: 31/08/2019