Call for Consultancy in Regulatory Review in China

Through a long-term cooperation with the National Energy Conservation Center (NECC) of China on Clean Heating, Denmark has a unique opportunity to help shape the framework that will determine the future of the Chinese heating market. The implementing agreement, signed between the DEA and NECC in February 2017, has laid a strong foundation for the bilateral cooperation.

A successful strategic sector cooperation (SSC) project between China and Denmark on district heating would utilize and transfer Danish experiences to enable Chinese authorities. This would open the door to Chinese authorities establishing a better regulatory framework that supports the development of district heating projects with positive socio-economic impact. This inceptionoject will deliver an initial regulatory assessment for district heating and aims to thereby explore the potential for a full scale SSC project in China.

The overall goal of this inception project is to uncover how Danish experiences can support national authorities to reach national goals for clean heating by using regulatory experiences from Denmark. This inception phase will end in the first quarter of 2020, and will lay the foundation for a multi-year effort. Therefore, collecting sufficient data in the preparation phase is crucial.

Copenhagen Centre for Energy Efficiency (C2E2) is contracted to provide consultancy support for this inception project by providing regulatory overview of district heating in China. And C2E2 is now seeking for a national consultant based in China to deliver relevant support for China.

The objective of the assignment is to advise the inception project team regarding the strategic sector cooperation on district heating in China. The final result should map out how a multi-year effort aimed at district heating knowledge transfer might achieve the most impact. Impact in this context would mean providing input directly into policy creating processes on the national/regional level.

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The main task of the consultants will be to undertake a comprehensive analytical mapping of key Chinese stakeholders, processes and methods for creating regulation that concerns district heating and/or heating regulations in general. As soon as the key public agencies are identified, all effort should be made to transfer relevant contacts to the project team, or assist the project team with building out a network of stakeholders that covers as many of the identified contacts as possible.

The consultants will also be responsible of writing mission reports containing an overview of activities during the missions and specific follow-up activities, as well as compiling and analysing documents that outline the power and interests of the relevant public stakeholders. Furthermore, the consultants are expected to be available for ongoing discussions with the project team to help analyse the collected data.

The consultants will then assist with distilling the key document into the necessary documents for a full SSC program application, which will be completed by the end of December 2019.

Qualifications and Skills

The appointed consultant should have:

  • degree (desirable)
  • Based in China (preferred in Beijing), able to travel to other Chinese cities
  • Solid knowledge about district heating policy, regulation framework in China.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Chinese heat sector, preferably from a regulatory standpoint as well as knowledge about key stakeholders on the national level in heating and energy efficiency.
  • Experience of working in district heating and/or policy analysis in China
  • Fluent in English and Maderian

Working Arrangement

The consultant will be retained on a contract with the C2E2 and payments based on deliverable output. They would be required to be available for the timely delivery of milestones throughout the project.

The consultant will work under the supervision of Dr. Zhuolun Chen in C2E2 and will agree on face-to-face workdays in China or conference calls as per the progress of work.


All outputs should be prepared and submitted in the English and/or Chinese language, as required, to the Copenhagen Centre for Energy Efficiency.

Time for completion

Two months with possible extension on demand of DEA.

Application deadline: 19/11/2019